Oh, debauchery.

I'm an open-minded 23 year old girl using this as a place to store all things kinky, sexy, and fun--expect gratuitous amounts of erotic male and female posts that make my nether regions happy! That includes many different types of sexual practices (gay, straight, lesbian, etc.). Hopefully that doesn't offend any delicate sensibilities. I like wine. I like humor. I like sex. I don't want it to be taboo. It shouldn't be taboo. So...join me in my debauchery ;)

As you can clearly see, this is an 18+ blog and therefore NSFW. I do not own anything I post unless I state otherwise and all models are assumed to be 18+.

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How old are you? 21

Zodiac sign?  Scorpio

Where are you from? California

What is your sexual orientation? Heteroflexible

What do you look like? Blonde, blue/green eyes. I won’t post my face, but there are plenty of shots of my body ;)

How tall are you? 5’8”

Favorite activities? Outside of tumblr? I love to read, hike, bike, drink, and fuck. 


Reblog if you’ll answer sex related questions, no matter how naughty or revealing.

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"If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?"


Anonymous- are you bisexual?

I’m not sure how I would label myself. I am attracted to both men and women and find both to be incredibly sexy. But that is only sexually and when it comes to a relationship outside of sex, it’s strictly men. I would possibly label myself as heteroflexible. :)