Oh, debauchery.

I'm an open-minded 23 year old girl using this as a place to store all things kinky, sexy, and fun--expect gratuitous amounts of erotic male and female posts that make my nether regions happy! That includes many different types of sexual practices (gay, straight, lesbian, etc.). Hopefully that doesn't offend any delicate sensibilities. I like wine. I like humor. I like sex. I don't want it to be taboo. It shouldn't be taboo. So...join me in my debauchery ;)

As you can clearly see, this is an 18+ blog and therefore NSFW. I do not own anything I post unless I state otherwise and all models are assumed to be 18+.

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xboxdude66- How many times do you have sex?

If you’re asking how many times I have had sex, that is a number I have no clue about…I lost track a long time ago. But I’ve been sexually active for 6 years and I’ve got a pretty healthy sex life so you can figure that’s quite a bit of sex. 

Or maybe you’re wondering how many times I have sex in a day? Or week? Month? Year? 


Anonymous- No question here, just wanted to say I love your blog miss oh debauchery!!! Thank you for the lovely/tasteful yet still naughty eye candy xx

Sorry for the late response, but thank you thank you thank you! Happy to hear that you enjoy the blog! Love hearing from like minded people who appreciate some debauchery mixed into their daily lives ;)


Anonymous- i want to eat your pussy omg you're sooooooo hot!

Haha well thanks! That sounds like fun-too bad I don’t know who’d be eating it…  :p


everythingnude88-deactivated201- Whoever gets to get in bed with you every night and stroke that beautiful body and then slip their hard cock inside you is so lucky. I would love to be the one to spread open your legs and taste your smooth tight pussy and cum all over and inside it :))

Oh my ;-)


jkjkha-deactivated20120724- how are you so sexy? your bum just looks so yummy ;)

You completely just made my night! My bum and I thank you ;) 


photoscripter-deactivated201210- you have great taste! but I do not like your last post ..

Well, sorry to hear that. I can’t make everyone happy all the time! But glad to hear that you like the majority of it :)


123david-deactivated20121210- Compliments on your blog!!! Your personal pix are fantastic and your reposts are sensational!!! xo

Oh thank you!! :D I’m glad to hear I’m doing something right ;) 


Anonymous- just FYI, i'd love to bend you over and eat your ass

Well that sounds very appealing ;)

Too bad I don’t know who would be providing me pleasure :(


petecumbrian- Awesome blog Pete

Thank you! ;)


amberhomage-deactivated20140701- Thanks for sharing!! AMAZING blog and even more hotter posts of yourself. That one point of view pic of you freshly shaven .. oh how i wish I was under there!!!!! :) taking my time... unf... <3

Thank you!! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog (and me ;)! ). And I’ll have to imagine you there next time ;)


meanyej- Great pictures, you look great

Well thanks :) Glad you think so! You don’t look too bad yourself ;)


iamrepene-deactivated20131028- You're welcome. Your blog is really hot, thought I should pay back. Thank you.

Well thanks! Glad to hear you like it and I always enjoy receiving submissions, so you made my evening even more enjoyable ;)


hakunamatata1394- god your blog makes me so horny

Glad to hear it ;) 


jodysleaze-deactivated20130124- Love the collection, hot, horny, classy and debauched! I've always been into sub and dom and you have a fine collection of extremely hot bondage photos. Glad to see someone, especially a lovely young lady like yourself, getting off to the same things as I do. Keep up the excellent work <3 xx

Thanks for the great feedback :) I am glad to hear that you enjoy what I post! I’ll definitely continue trying to please you and everyone else ;)



How old are you? 21

Zodiac sign?  Scorpio

Where are you from? California

What is your sexual orientation? Heteroflexible

What do you look like? Blonde, blue/green eyes. I won’t post my face, but there are plenty of shots of my body ;)

How tall are you? 5’8”

Favorite activities? Outside of tumblr? I love to read, hike, bike, drink, and fuck.